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Noarlunga South Australia

Trauma Recovery Coaching 

Welcome to Kim Miller Trauma Coaching:

Trauma and DBT Informed Coaching for Empowered Living

As a DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and trauma -informed coach, I specialize in supporting individuals while they reclaim their lives and overcome the lingering effects of traumatic experiences. While incorporating evidence based DBT techniques and principles into our sessions, together we are able to build and strengthen skills such as healthy coping mechanisms, mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. As a result, clients are able to greatly enhance their own feelings of self-worth, stregthen their resilience, and overall feel more empowered. 


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How Does Trauma Show Up In Your Life?

Hello I'm Kim Miller. I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach dedicated to helping individuals overcome the lasting impact trauma has had on their lives. My coaching approach focuses on creating a safe space for clients to heal, transform, and empower themselves by reframing their experiences and cultivating a growth mindset. 

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Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Coaches Support Clients in Healing from Trauma by Discussing:​

  • Managing triggers and flashbacks: Coaches help clients develop strategies to manage triggers and flashbacks, reducing the distress associated with these experiences.

  • Developing coping skills: Together we collaborate to come up with new coping skills, such as grounding techniques, mindfulness practices, and relaxation exercises.  

  • Building resilience: Coaches help clients build resilience by identifying and developing their strengths, practicing self-care, and developing a growth mindset.

  • Addressing shame and guilt: Coaches work with clients to address feelings of shame and guilt associated with traumatic experiences, helping them develop a more compassionate and forgiving mindset.

  • Addressing somatic symptoms: Together we address physical symptoms associated with trauma, such as chronic pain, fatigue, or insomnia.

  • Finding meaning and purpose: Coaches help clients find meaning and purpose in their lives after trauma, which can be a powerful catalyst for healing and growth.

  • Managing anxiety and fear: Together we develop strategies to manage anxiety and fear related to the trauma.

DBT Informed Care

Key Skills:

  • Distress Tolerance: Developing skills to tolerate distressing emotions and situations, such as: Relaxation techniques + Problem-solving strategies + Emotional regulation skills

  • Emotional Regulation: Recognizing, labeling, and managing one's emotions in a healthy way: Identifying emotional triggers + Labeling emotions accurately + Managing intense emotions

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Communicating effectively with others, setting boundaries, and asserting oneself: Effective communication skills + Active listening + Setting clear boundaries

  • Radical Acceptance: Accepting reality as it is, without trying to change or resist it: Acknowledging the present moment + Letting go of resistance + Practicing self-compassion

  • Non-Judgment: Avoiding judgmental thoughts and behaviors towards oneself and others: Letting go of self-criticism + Practicing self-compassion + Avoiding judgmental language

  • Self-Care: Prioritizing one's own well-being and needs: Engaging in self-care activities + Practicing self-compassion + Setting healthy boundaries

*I am not a licensed therapist and do not engage in client treatment or diagnosis. Our focus is on collaboratively developing skills to  promote daily well-being. 


Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation

Trauma Recovery Coaches work with trauma survivors to help them understand the recovery process, supporting them while they reconnect with themselves and the world around them. We support our clients in setting recovery goals while utilizing several tools including psychoeducation, pertinent resources, validation and compassion. Trauma informed coaches provide a safe place for their clients to process their emotions and traumatic events.   


Our goal is to help our clients use their strengths to build a life they love living. 

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