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One on One Coaching

Trauma affects more than 70% of the population.  Are you dealing with trauma in your own life?  You do not have to deal with it alone.  Trauma coaches are great support systems, and are often used in conjunction with therapists. 

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is a great way to connect with others that have walked in similar paths. Group coaching creates a safe space to be yourself and also learn from others experiences.   


Do you belong to an organization that wants to educate it's members on trauma?  Churches, employers, teachers and other members of society can greatly impact others with their knowledge surrounding trauma.  Ask me how we can inform others!  

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What does it mean to be Trauma Informed? 

  • To be trauma informed, we recognize the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences / trauma among all people

  • We recognize that many behaviors and symptoms are the result of traumatic experiences

  • Lastly, to be trauma informed, coaches recognize that being treated with respect and kindness – and being empowered with choices – are key in helping people recover from traumatic experiences



What is a Trauma Coach? 

Trauma Informed Recovery Coaches have training in different types of trauma, the knowledge about how it affects a clients self & their relationships, and the resources to support the client in recovering from their traumatic event(s).  Coaches are not therapists. A therapist uses a medical model of care, while a Trauma Coach operates using a supportive model. Trauma Coaches anchor their work in the present, helping clients utilize positive coping strategies. 


How can a Trauma Coach help me? 

Trauma Recovery Coaches have extensive training and knowledge when it comes to educating & supporting their client through a reaction to a traumatic event. Clients work towards reaching specific goals surrounding their trauma; these goals are called Recovery Goals.  These goals are set by the client, with the support of their coaches.  We use specific tools that include psychoeducational resources, attunement techniques, validation, powerful question asking techniques and much more. We are the clients peers and support system, constantly being aware of the clients anchoredness. Together we can reframe trauma which inturn, can make the trauma more manageable.    


What does a Trauma Coach cost? 

Currently, Trauma Coaching is not covered by insurance. This is something that is being explored in legislation but might take quite a bit of time to change. Some HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) will reimburse for trauma coaching services, this might be worth exploring with your insurance company/employer. I firmly believe no one should be turned away from receiving the support they deserve and need because of their financial situation.  Please contact me to discuss current pricing details.    

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How are sessions held?  

Sessions are held primarily online, this allows coaches to treat clients both near and far.  In person meetings are available upon request, I am located in Raleigh, NC.  

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Trauma Coaching vs Therapy:

There are a few big differences between Trauma Coaches and Therapists.  Trauma Coaches do not treat or diagnose mental health illnesses.  We are on a peer to peer level with our clients.  Trauma Coaching is always client led and we do not pathologize trauma responses.  

Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation

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